Camille Dings

Hello! My name is Camille Dings, and I am a current senior from Harwich, Massachusetts studying Communications and Management here at Bryant University. Although I consider myself a true Bryant student at heart, my educational journey did not start here. After high school, I attended a community college for two years, and after receiving my associate’s degree, I transferred here to Bryant. I feel as though this dual-perspective has blessed me with a well-rounded perception as to what college can, has and will be. It is with this perspective that I wish to enlighten future and current students, and I hope to offer my unique outlook through my blog posts. I encourage your thoughts, viewpoints, questions and feedback and hope my posts inspire you on your own educational journey. Send me an email at and tell me what’s on your mind!

Helping Hands Holiday Party

December 11th, 2014

Helping Hands, a philanthropic organization on campus, sponsored their annual holiday party this past weekend where over 30 underprivileged children from our surrounding community came to participate in some holiday fun. Helping Hands has worked tirelessly for months planning the food, fun and fantastical holiday crafts for the children. Over a dozen on-campus clubs and organizations pulled together to make the experience one to remember. The all-day event also included a special appearance from jolly old Saint Nick himself who brought personalized gifts for those special attendance.


Sometimes in our hectic days of studies and presentations, it is so refreshing to take a step back and realize the impact we can have on our surrounding community. Even though we may be young adults, the festivities of the holidays always holds a sparkle in the eyes of each and every one of us. Seeing the appreciation from the young, needy children of our community is a vision that will prove to last far longer than the remains of bows and tinsel


I had the great pleasure of hosting a craft table at the event where I helped children make snowmen  countdowns  'til Christmas! It was such a blast and I was so thankful that I could share in the joy.


Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season,


Continuing Down the Road of Education

December 2nd, 2014

As we all know, Bryant University is renowned for our amazing bachelors programs in fields ranging from business, to the liberal arts and sciences. But Bryant University also offers outstanding graduate programs that allow for individuals to thrive as they work towards a postgraduate degree.

Although many who may be reading this post may be at the very beginning of their journey through higher education, it is never too early to look into graduate school programs. It is projected that in our society, more and more professions will expect applicants to hold a degree higher than just a Bachelors.


Currently, Bryant offers a Master in Business Administration, A Master of Professional Accountancy, A Master of Science in Taxation, A Master of Arts in Communication, A Master of Arts in Teaching, A Master of Science in Global Environmental Studies, and our newest addition, A Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies.

No matter how far along you are in your education, or your life, it is never too late or too early to consider furthering your education.

Until next time,


Bryant University: Not Just a Pretty ‘Place’

November 25th, 2014

Settled in the heart of New England, Bryant University is ranked amongst some of the best institutions of higher education in the nation, if not the world.  Our curriculum, boasts many unique characteristics that set Bryant far above the norm. For example, our Sophomore International Experience, referred to by our students as SIE, is an opportunity unique to our community. Students in their sophomore year are given the chance to travel abroad to immerse themselves in the business and cultural practices worlds away. This 10-12 day excursion is accompanied by a semester long pre-departure course to prepare students for all they may encounter; if you don't think it sounds amazing as it is, students also earn 3 course credits for their experience, (bonus!). And don't worry transfers, you are given the opportunity to be included as well, even if your transfer in after your sophomore year. Check out more about SIE here.

Another unique characteristic that sets us apart is our dual-college education. As you may know, here at Bryant University we host two colleges, the College of Business and the College of the Arts and Sciences. Students take courses in both areas of study to ensure their greatest of successes in their future professional and personal endeavors. Students majoring in one area of study are required to minor in the other (for example, I am Communication major in the College of Arts and Sciences, and my minor is Management in the College of Business). Check out all of our courses of study here!

                Lastly, if our distinctiveness in education isn't enough, our rankings push us over the top. I will let them speak for themselves:


So yes. Our campus boasts architectural intrigue and lush landscapes, but we are much more than just a pretty 'place'.

Until next time,


Lights, Camera, Action!

November 17th, 2014

Bryant University provides students with many on campus resources to fulfill their academic requirements and personal ambitions. The Koffler Communication Complex, a central hub for students taking courses in the broad realm of Communication, offers an equipment checkout service for students wishing to create their own films and fulfill their digital dreams. Students have an abundance of equipment, such as HD cameras, microphones and tripods available to them to  create whatever they may wish. The checkout center is run by students qualified to guide students moving forward with their projects, and are on hand to even offer assistance in the post- production editing suites located conveniently next to the checkout station.


Just this weekend I utilized the Koffler Equipment Checkout Center to borrow all of the  equipment i needed when moving forward on a project for my Narrative film making course. the individuals who work at the center where so very helpful with the process, pre and post production.


If you are interested in checking out equipment for your projects, the Checkout center is open 1-9 on Mondays and Wednesday, 2-9 on Tuesdays and Thursday, and 1-4 on Fridays!



Best of luck with ll of your student projects!

Until next time,

Camille Dings

Questions From Prospective Transfer Student to Bryant

November 10th, 2014

 To my great surprise with week I received an email from a prospective student seeking answers to his questions concerning the transfer process. To all students, please keep in mind that all  schools are different and have different procedures and processes concerning a transfer. It is always a great idea to RESEARCH, RESEARCH RESEARCH the schools to which you are applying to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Here are the great questions I was asked, and my responses. I hope that these questions can clarify the concerns of other prospectives out there looking into the opportunities to be discovered here at Bryant University.

First, how are the 4 First-Year Gateway classes handled? Do you still have to make those up even if you aren't a freshman? If so, what is the typical way that they are incorporated into a transfer student's schedule?

Transfer students with completion of appropriate college level courses can transfer in courses that meet some and possibly all of the requirements of the first year Gateway courses.  The only course that does not transfer in is the Bryant IDEA.   The majority of transfer students take the Transfer Transitions course which is a one credit semester long course that meets once a week in the student's first semester at Bryant.  This course has the same learning outcomes as the Bryant IDEA and integrates students into the Bryant community.

Second, how difficult is it to register for classes, after all the other Bryant students have already signed up? I know it probably varies from major to major, but I'm concerned about getting the classes that I need. If I do transfer, my major would be Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

What a great question! I know that this is a concern of many individuals looking to transfer, especially since we often need to plan for prerequisites for future courses. At Bryant, seats within courses are saved to make sure everyone has an opportunity to enroll. So even though you may be registering much later than current students, there is likely an open seat in the course. This issue, obviously, would only effect you when registering for your first semester here because after that you aren't a transfer student, you're a Bryant student!

 Third, what are the housing assignments for transfers usually like? Are they automatically placed with other transfers?

When transferring into Bryant, you will automatically be asked to fill out a roommate questionnaire which allows the housing office to properly place you with individuals who share similar interests and lifestyle choices. In many situations, transfers will be housed with other individuals who are transfer students. This allows the individual to meet others who are going through the same process, and who are new to the Bryant community. In some instances however, transfers can be placed with current Bryant students if their survey suggests they will be a better match. The last option is to request to live with an individual who currently attends Bryant if they are looking to room with you too!


If you have questions or concerns regarding the transfer process, or are interested in my experience please feel free to email me at I would love to discuss everything Bryant with you and help you on your path to making a decision. Life is short. Transfer.

P.S Bryant will be hosting a Transfer information session this Saturday! here is the link to register   Meet professors and current students who went through the transfer process. There will also be a continental breakfast and a tour of campus (what more could you ask for?).

Until Next Time,


The Heroes Among Us: ROTC at Bryant University

November 6th, 2014

When graduating high school seniors and their families face many options moving forward in life's natural progressions. Decisions must be made and that will undoubtedly affect many aspects of the years to come. In my family of three children, my brother and sister decided to join the military, and I proceeded to explore the college route. Although these pathways vary in mental and physical exertions, as well as eventual outcomes, we have found that we all are incredibly committed, determined and proud of the decisions we have made and the decisions of our siblings.

Here at Bryant University, we offer the best of both worlds; a very superior Army Reserves Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program where individuals partake in field training, special military science courses and leadership labs where they will learn firsthand just what it takes to conduct missions as an officer in the U.S Army. These individuals will earn degree in whichever concentration they choose, and upon graduation will apply their teachings as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S Army, National Guard or Army Reserves.


 Bryant ROTC students piloting Black Hawk helicopters over campus.


Here at Bryant, leadership is a central focus to all of our principles and practices. The ROTC program is viewed as one of the most prestigious and respectable programs on campus. These students are not only incredibly sought after in the armed forces, but after serving in the armed forces, their combined education from Bryant University and learned experiences makes them an incredibly marketable commodity in the corporate world.

There are many options for individuals starting a new chapter in their life. Whether it be serving their country, acquiring a degree from an institution of higher learning or "the best of both worlds", through an ROTC program it is important to follow your passions. My advice to those looking to decide what they wish to do would be to look inside to find what motivates you, inspires you and what you truly feel would advance your life in the most positive of directions for you.

For more information regarding Bryant's ROTC program, contact

Best of wishes with all of your decisions,


Exploring the Sea of Degrees

October 28th, 2014

When making a decision to go to college, one of the biggest questions is "what am I going to study?" It may be true that some individuals know what they want to do from a very young age, but just as often, other individuals have no idea. Here at Bryant University, we offer many areas of study to interest everyone.  Although we are well-known throughout the country for our renowned business programs, our institution offers many other areas of study, providing students with a well-rounded education to best prepare them for their future fields of employment.

It is not uncommon for students to enter the University with a lack of perspective as to what they wish to do for the rest of their lives.  If you are not sure about your major or career choice, you are not alone. Many enter Bryant as undecided or exploratory students.  The MyPath@Bryant offers a comprehensive menu of programs and services to help students make a decision about which academic path to pursue during their  career at Bryant. To learn more, read here:

This decision may seem to be a daunting task, but there are many resources on campus to help students narrow-in in on a field. The undergraduate academic student advising office is a great resource for students to use when going through the major selection process. They can better inform you as to what courses to take to stay on track with your goals. Individual department chairs and department mentors are a great resource to have when making your decision.


This Wednesday, October 29th, The Bryant Undergraduate Advising office will be holding a Degree Exploration fair which will allow students to discuss, and consider different degree programs which are offered here t Bryant University. Department representatives from all areas of academia will be present to discuss with student's degree program options and to clear up any questions or concerns students have. This opportunity will also allow students to declare majors/minors on site!

This is a great opportunity for any individual looking to explore our degree programs, or simply become more knowledgeable about our offerings here at Bryant.

Until next time,


5 Tips for Acing your Midterms

October 20th, 2014

Midterms are right around the corner, and preparation can sometimes be a daunting task. Here are my 5 tips for acing your exams:

1)Take detailed notes: In my experience, professors will include material on the exams that isn't necessarily covered in the textbook. Make sure to write down detailed recollections of class discussions in ordered to be prepared.

2)Start studying early: From the day you first step into your classroom, you will know exactly what days you will be testing. My advice would be to start making a study guide at least a week or two before your exam to allow enough time to fully grasp all the material. This will allow you to clarify any unclear information with your professor prior to taking your exam.

3)Get enough sleep the night before: "Pulling an all-nighter" may seem to be a good idea at the time, but the lack of sleep will surely put you at a disadvantage when it comes to staying fully focused during your exam. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your exam to ensure your brain is sharp.

4)Form a study group: Collaborating with your classmates is a great idea when it comes to exam preparation. You will be able to clarify each others questions and quiz each other on vocabulary and exam topics.

5)Breathe: Exams can be very scary but it is important to stay calm, and clear your head of any unwelcome anxieties that may interfere with your focus on the material.


Wishing you all the luck on your midterm exams!


Until next time,


Campus Security@Bryant

October 14th, 2014

When living away from home for the first time, safety and security is always a concern. It is great to know that Bryant University fosters an environment that provides an atmosphere of protection. Bryant's Department of Public Safety includes 24 full time staff members- including 20 patrol officers who are trained to enforce the rules of Bryant University, and the laws of our federal and state government. Officers patrol the grounds 24 hours a day and seven days a week which makes our students feel incredibly comfortable. Too, our closed structure is laid out in such a way that there is only one way in, and that entrance way is guarded by an officer at all times to better ensure the character of individuals who enter our community.

At Bryant we pride ourselves on safety, but too, we pride ourselves on student feedback and involvement. On Wednesday, October 15th, The Bryant University Student Senate will be sponsoring a Campus Security Forum featuring guest contributors John Denio, Director of Resident Life, Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Stephen Bannon, Director of DPS. At this time, members of the Bryant community are encouraged to engage in a conversation regarding current safety & security protocol, 24/7 student ID hall access and video surveillance on campus. We as a community want to ensure that all individuals live in an environment free of fear and threat.

The forum will take place at 4:30 in the Papitto room of the Fisher Student Center. All are welcome and encouraged to come.


Hope to see you there,



Taking a ‘byte’ out of the world!

October 6th, 2014

Gone are the days of looking up information "the hard way" and the frustrations of making a "typo" on a typewriter. Students in our modern world are surrounded and advantaged by the multifaceted learning experience which is undeniably aided by information technologies. Here at Bryant University, students are engulfed in a learning world of megapixels and gigabytes. We are instructed on projection screens, study on university provided-technologically advanced laptops and stay updated on the web-based learning management system, Blackboard. We submit our papers to our professors virtually from the comfort of our own residences, receive updates via the Bryant mobile application and record attendance through the swipe of a magnetic stripe. This technology allows for an enhanced and expedited learning experience, but more importantly prepares us for the technological advances of the future. Being well-versed and surrounded by technologies on a daily basis provides for a comfort and understanding for such processes.


If one feels overwhelmed or under educated in technology, Laptop Central and Information Technology Services are always available to answer questions and aid in any technology woes. On October 8th, IT will be sponsoring a technology fair to answer any questions and provide additional support to anyone looking to learn more bout the technologies of Bryant University. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by for a "byte"!