Camille Dings

Hello! My name is Camille Dings, and I am a current senior from Harwich, Massachusetts studying Communications and Management here at Bryant University. Although I consider myself a true Bryant student at heart, my educational journey did not start here. After high school, I attended a community college for two years, and after receiving my associate’s degree, I transferred here to Bryant. I feel as though this dual-perspective has blessed me with a well-rounded perception as to what college can, has and will be. It is with this perspective that I wish to enlighten future and current students, and I hope to offer my unique outlook through my blog posts. I encourage your thoughts, viewpoints, questions and feedback and hope my posts inspire you on your own educational journey. Send me an email at and tell me what’s on your mind!

5 Tips for Acing your Midterms

October 20th, 2014

Midterms are right around the corner, and preparation can sometimes be a daunting task. Here are my 5 tips for acing your exams:

1)Take detailed notes: In my experience, professors will include material on the exams that isn't necessarily covered in the textbook. Make sure to write down detailed recollections of class discussions in ordered to be prepared.

2)Start studying early: From the day you first step into your classroom, you will know exactly what days you will be testing. My advice would be to start making a study guide at least a week or two before your exam to allow enough time to fully grasp all the material. This will allow you to clarify any unclear information with your professor prior to taking your exam.

3)Get enough sleep the night before: "Pulling an all-nighter" may seem to be a good idea at the time, but the lack of sleep will surely put you at a disadvantage when it comes to staying fully focused during your exam. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before your exam to ensure your brain is sharp.

4)Form a study group: Collaborating with your classmates is a great idea when it comes to exam preparation. You will be able to clarify each others questions and quiz each other on vocabulary and exam topics.

5)Breathe: Exams can be very scary but it is important to stay calm, and clear your head of any unwelcome anxieties that may interfere with your focus on the material.


Wishing you all the luck on your midterm exams!


Until next time,


Campus Security@Bryant

October 14th, 2014

When living away from home for the first time, safety and security is always a concern. It is great to know that Bryant University fosters an environment that provides an atmosphere of protection. Bryant's Department of Public Safety includes 24 full time staff members- including 20 patrol officers who are trained to enforce the rules of Bryant University, and the laws of our federal and state government. Officers patrol the grounds 24 hours a day and seven days a week which makes our students feel incredibly comfortable. Too, our closed structure is laid out in such a way that there is only one way in, and that entrance way is guarded by an officer at all times to better ensure the character of individuals who enter our community.

At Bryant we pride ourselves on safety, but too, we pride ourselves on student feedback and involvement. On Wednesday, October 15th, The Bryant University Student Senate will be sponsoring a Campus Security Forum featuring guest contributors John Denio, Director of Resident Life, Dr. John Saddlemire, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Stephen Bannon, Director of DPS. At this time, members of the Bryant community are encouraged to engage in a conversation regarding current safety & security protocol, 24/7 student ID hall access and video surveillance on campus. We as a community want to ensure that all individuals live in an environment free of fear and threat.

The forum will take place at 4:30 in the Papitto room of the Fisher Student Center. All are welcome and encouraged to come.


Hope to see you there,



Taking a ‘byte’ out of the world!

October 6th, 2014

Gone are the days of looking up information "the hard way" and the frustrations of making a "typo" on a typewriter. Students in our modern world are surrounded and advantaged by the multifaceted learning experience which is undeniably aided by information technologies. Here at Bryant University, students are engulfed in a learning world of megapixels and gigabytes. We are instructed on projection screens, study on university provided-technologically advanced laptops and stay updated on the web-based learning management system, Blackboard. We submit our papers to our professors virtually from the comfort of our own residences, receive updates via the Bryant mobile application and record attendance through the swipe of a magnetic stripe. This technology allows for an enhanced and expedited learning experience, but more importantly prepares us for the technological advances of the future. Being well-versed and surrounded by technologies on a daily basis provides for a comfort and understanding for such processes.


If one feels overwhelmed or under educated in technology, Laptop Central and Information Technology Services are always available to answer questions and aid in any technology woes. On October 8th, IT will be sponsoring a technology fair to answer any questions and provide additional support to anyone looking to learn more bout the technologies of Bryant University. All are welcome and encouraged to stop by for a "byte"!

Transfer in the Spotlight: Morgan Hunt

October 1st, 2014

One of the goals I wish for this blog is to highlight just what its like to transfer into our beautiful community here at Bryant. As I reflect on this goal, I find that perhaps my experience alone may not be suffice for those looking to further understand the transition.  So I sought out help.

I would like to periodically highlight my peers who too have gone through the experience to form a fuller idea of what transferring is like in the eyes of my readers.

Morgan Hunt transferred to Bryant University in the fall of her junior year after receiving her Associates degree from a local community college. Her insight and wisdom is great if you are thinking about transferring to Bryant.


Morgan Hunt, pictured right.

"My experience was very positive. I always knew I wanted to transfer to Bryant and I found that the process was a lot easier than I was expecting. Even though I don't know all of the transfer students here, when it comes up in conversation it is an instant connection. The change of scenery was very refreshing and I look forward to all the new opportunities that are provided for me here. To any student looking to transfer here or any other university, make sure to get involved and appreciate your time. Because we are here for a diminished amount of time, it is essential to get the most out of the Bryant experience. Coming from a different school and coming here I have a different perspective on wheat things are like. This perspective has allowed me to see the strengths in how things work around here. For example, I find that Bryant does a really great job marketing their students to the external environment. I feel like they have really prepared me for anything i will face in the future and i am incredibly thankful." -Morgan Hunt. Interviewed 9/27/2014

If you have any questions or concerns regarding transferring, college life or the Bryant experience, feel free to reach me at

Until Next Time,



Exploring the Possibilities For Varied Learning

September 23rd, 2014

While data input and statistical evaluations is fun and all… designing your own product line and expressing yourself creatively can be incredibly engaging. Strategically speaking, it is a good idea to balance the intellectual with the conceptual by registering for balanced courses to better dilute your schedule to equip both sides of your brain.

While computer information systems and accounting can be quite interesting, Bryant University's Literary and Cultural Studies program, for example, offer courses that will stretch your mind into a more inspired playing field, such as Design in a Contemporary Culture.

I find that not only does this equilibrium provide for a test of mental stamina, it is a fool proof method for eliminating redundancy in your week. You will continuously be tested, engaged and challenged in all of your academic endeavors. This enrichment will spark curiosity which will develop your thinking to account for all aspects of intellect.

You may not think creativity is your thing, or perhaps you see no point in a philosophy… but you have no clue unless you try. Exploring your options is the only way you can discover new interests and inner strengths. If you spend all of your time focused on one way of thinking you may never realize the skills you hold in another area of academia.

So when that time comes to choose your electives… be adventurous. Take some classes that you love, some that challenge and some that remain a mystery. Who knows… you may realize true passion you never knew existed.

 Click here to check out the vast array of courses offered by Bryant University.


Advice for the Class of 2018

September 16th, 2014

As I reflect on my time here at Bryant University, and to my prior years of education, I feel as though my wisdom and knowledge may help those just starting on their educational path to form a well-rounded experience.


Here are some helpful tips to ensure a successful foundation as a college student.

Get acquainted with your classmates

Some may feel embarrassed or shy to introduce themselves to their classmates… but the awkwardness will fade and these strategic associates will prove beneficial when studying for exams and getting notes if you missed a class. Maybe you will even become good friends, who knows?


You can do anything, not everything

Within the first weeks of your freshman year, clubs, organizations, teams, sororities, fraternities and all sorts of extracurricular will be reaching out to you to get involved, and that's great! I urge you to do so - it is a great way to get involved and meet great people. However, when committing to an extracurricular you must play your cards right and only get involved with things you truly feel as though you have time for. It is not fair to you, or the organization if you spread yourself too thin, so really be aware of your schedule and yourself when committing your time to others.


Study. Plain and simple.

Even if you think you know material, it never hurts, and always helps to re-look it over. Staying on track syllabus wise with readings and assignments ensures your best chance of getting and A in the course. A little extra effort goes a long way and it always pays off in the end.

Its never too early to start!


Beware the freshman (15+)… it's a real thing.

The horrors your friends and family have been telling you regarding first-year weight gain is no myth. Some students find comfort in food and use it as a way to cope with their new stressful environment. If you find yourself stressed, enjoy a nice walk around our beautiful campus or take a few minutes to yourself.


Dorothy was right, "there is no place like home!"

Lots of times your freshman year, you may get caught up in the "oohs and aahs" of your new life - sometimes forgetting your loving family back home. You mustn't forget that most often your family is your biggest support system (emotionally, and often times financially) who want to know how and what you're doing. It takes little time and effort to shoot mom and dad a quick phone call every once and a while to let them know you are okay, and that you love them. (Staying on their good side is always a bonus!) You never know, by the time Columbus Day rolls around you may be yearning to sleep in your own bed and eat a home-cooked meal.


My number one tip? Get the bang for your buck. You or your parents are paying a lot of money for this education. Make sure that you get everything out of your time at Bryant to ensure a successful future in the years to follow. Go to class, be prepared, get involved and make memories to last a lifetime.


Best of luck in all of your Bryant endeavors.

Until next time,


A year of Transition and Reflection

May 9th, 2014

Transferring to a new school is undoubtedly a journey. A journey which proves to be at times, a challenge, but that challenge is nothing but a thrill and an incredibly fulfilling experience. Through times of nerves, anticipation and joy I have experienced a transformation which has lead me to one of the most brilliant opportunities of my life -Bryant University. Although I sometimes wish that I would have taken the conventional path, my experience through the transfer process has granted me troves of wisdom and enlightenment, and most of all gratitude and appreciation. The transfer population knows all too well to appreciate our new educational environment, for we are all aware of the reason why we have come to part with our previous situations.  Though my time here at Bryant may be shorter than that of my new peers, I do not love it, nor appreciate it any less. This year has been like a dream that I have wished for all too many times in the years preceding my transition.


To any student thinking about transitioning as a transfer… a word of advice: Do not let the nerves, nor the stigmas get in the way of your goals. Second chances are rarely given and life and this is your opportunity to learn and grow.

Although on my transcript I may be a transfer student, but at heart, I am a full-fledged Bryant student.

For any student wishing to further discuss my transition, or advice applicable to your own decisions and transitions, please feel free to contact me at


Best of wishes, and happiest of thoughts,


Questions with Camille. Take 2.

May 9th, 2014

  Recently I had the pleasant surprise to find an inquiring transfer had emailed me with additional questions and concerns about the transfer experience. I thought I would share those questions and responses to all of my readers in case you too have similar questions.


 -Did you transfer from community college or another college? Yes! After facing financial difficulties my senior year of high school I decided to attend Cape Cod Community college where I received my Associates in Arts. After two years I transferred here to Bryant University.

     -If you transferred from another college, is it hard to transfer the credits? Because I know that some credits from one school don't work for others. This is a very common concern for many students wishing to transfer. I can assure you that our Transfer Admissions team works incredibly hard to ensure that your credits will apply towards your Bryant degree. All of the credits that I had worked very hard for at my previous institution indeed transferred here to Bryant but it all depends on the course and where you attended.


     -Does Bryant provide scholarships for transfer students, especially international students like me? And how much are they usually? Merit scholarships are available for outstanding transfer students for the fall and spring semesters and range from $9,000 to $20,000. Scholarships are based on the application for admission and are renewable.

     -Are there any other difficulties that you encounter during the process of transferring to Bryant? One of the reasons I decided on Bryant is because of the kind and efficient attention I was given during the admission process. Compared to other schools, the attention & care I received from admissions staff was second to none. They understand that transferring is much different than conventional first year experiences and they really work with you to ensure you receive a seamless transition into the community.

     -Any other advice? If your current school offers transfer counseling I recommend that you meet with a counselor before planning your transition. They will advise you on what courses to take and will help you with your applications. It is never too early to start planning your transfer! Also, if you have not yet had the chance, I recommend that you visit Bryant! During my campus visit I found myself making my final decision to attend. Online research and student testimonials are great, but the Bryant community speaks for itself!

Please Please Please if anyone has any other questions I would be thrilled to answer them. Even though school may be adjuournig for the summer months I will be sure to check my Bryant email ( in hopes of speaking with all students interested in Bryant University,

...and thank you so much for reading my blog,

As always



Home away from Home

April 10th, 2014

In most situations college is the first time in a young person's life living away from home.  Without the comfort of mom and dad, this experience may present many excitements, challenges and worries in a young person's mind. How do I do laundry? Who's going to wake me up for class? How do I fold a fitted sheet? Although some of these questions take time and experience to figure out, one thing is for sure—you want to be comfortable in your space. Considering your new home is probably much smaller square footage than your previous abode,  it is vital to create an area that not only reflects your personality, but a space where you feel comfortable and proud of.

A great way to make a space more appealing is to stick to a color theme by incorporating colors and patterns that appeal to you the most. Although here at Bryant we cannot paint our walls, we can hang, tack, nail and scatter crafty, personal touches to our little hearts content. The use of photos of friends and family and vinyl decals are also very popular decorative hints that plaster the walls of our students.

"I think it is important to have a space that reflects your lifestyle," says student, Morgan Hunt. "I feel much happier surrounded by aspects of my life that may be far from here."

Maybe you won't figure out how to iron your pink Oxford shirt like Mom does your first day and maybe you'll wash your whites in cold water. Living on your own is a learning process... but you will figure it out.

At the end of the day, whether posters of Tom Brady or life-sized, stuffed animals give you that "ahhh I'm home" feeling all the power to you! Whatever it takes to bring a bit of comfort to your home away from home.

 Wishing you the utmost of comfort in all of your days,



“From this land blossom knowledge and opportunity”

April 3rd, 2014

Sometimes in order to understand the direction of the future, it is essential to understand the history.

As some of you may or may not know, Bryant University was incorporated in 1863. Our original campus was actually located in Providence, Rhode Island where Brown University currently presides. Earl Tupper, the creator of Tupperware, donated the 428 acres in Smithfield, Rhode Island where we have been situated since 1971.

Fast forward 43 years later to the year of 2014 and here we are… carrying on our everyday Bryant activities as if it was all the world has ever known Bryant to be.

Recently I gave an hour and 15-minute tour to about 13 individuals from around the Unites States. As I naively rambled on facts of our past and discussed the history of Bryant University… I come to find out there was a very special person listening in—someone who was actually there.

After the tour had concluded an elderly man approached me from the rear of the group to thank me for showing him and his daughter around..."It is the first time I have seen the new campus," he said.

I unknowingly had the great pleasure of showing this gentleman, who had graduated Bryant College of Providence, Rhode Island to our new Smithfield home.

He expressed great excitement at what he had seen. "There is such great beauty here, and it is so vast compared to the limiting confines of our previous campus," he said.  "There is so much area for growth and development -It is truly spectacular".

Just inside the boarders of our limits lies the "Tupper Stone", donated too by Earl Tupper.  Its Latin inscription reads "from this land blossom knowledge and opportunity".

Although our history is ever broadening, although the number of our alumni will forever soar and although our legacy is forever solidifying… one thing is for certain: From this land, or any land that carries the Bryant name, knowledge and opportunity flourishes and lies deep inside all that call our campus home… always.

May your future too forever flourish in success,