Katie Phung


Hi everyone and welcome to the Bryant community! I am a senior from Cranston, Rhode Island. I was part of the 2012 Orientation Team, Resident Assistant in the H&M block of the Townhouses, a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Ambassador, Panhellenic Council treasurer, work at the Office of Planning and Institutional Research, and part of the Senior Class Committee. If you have any questions, about involvements or anything Bryant, feel free to email me and ask. Follow me on Twitter @katiephung2014 for current information about Bryant-related events and daily tips.

TEAL We Find a Cure

March 7th, 2014


This past Friday, Alpha Omicron Pi and the Bryant community helped to honor the late passing of one of my sister's late mother and the battle that she lost to Scleroderma, a rare disease. It was a beautiful to see the community come together and honor her mother and awareness of Scleroderma. Not only were Greek members present, but only friends of sisters and parents. President Machtley, Kati Machtley, faculty members, and staff also made it to the event.

That night, a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in Papitto was the event that helped to honor such a good cause and memory of such an amazing woman with an even stronger daughter, Vic Frazier. The room was adorned with black tablecloths and teal centerpieces. People who attended also had a chance at entering into raffles for such great prizes and gift baskets which also added to the proceeds for the Scleroderma Foundation. A photo booth was also there for attendees to take pictures at.


Vic proudly told the community today that over $2,000 was raised as a result of this event. That is quite amazing and an accomplishment for all those who were involved with the planning, fundraising, donating, and have a personal connection with it.

Fighting for Scleroderma TEAL We Find a Cure,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Weathering the Storm for Bryant

March 7th, 2014

In the past two weeks, Bryant University Office of Admission in conjunction with the Student Ambassadors program hosted Ladies Night. It is an overnight event for senior female, high-school prospective students. They are typically in mid to late-February every year. These students are able to meet a few of the departments on Bryant's campus like the Women's Center, the Academic Center of Excellence, and hear from a professor. Each young woman is hosted by a female Student Ambassador. Not only does the student get to shadow her for the day but also gets to have a meal in our dining hall, Salmanson and get to meet members of our Bryant community.


When the most impressive thing about the first Ladies Night was how families endured the snowstorm and the terrible road conditions to come to see Bryant University. But, truth is, any student that loves Bryant as much as I do will say that weathering that storm was worth it especially if any of those students had the same case as me.

For me, Ladies Night was just one of three factors that made me choose Bryant University as the school that I would spend my four undergraduate years at. I still remember who hosted me and the other high school seniors that I met that night. Three of the four of us ended up at Bryant including myself. If you asked me, what about it about Ladies Night helped me decide? Honestly, it was the conversations that I had with the Student Ambassadors that did it for me.

I left all smiles from that overnight and have been able to witness a few years of smile pass by me on Ladies Night then come back that following fall. Bryant is a place that is worth weathering any storm for.

Through rain or shine,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Disney’s newest edition: RA story

February 16th, 2014

Every year, applications for the Resident Assistant (RA) position go out a couple weeks prior to the winter break and after Thanksgiving. This year, the theme is RA Story based on the movie, Toy Story.

To become a Resident Assistant at Bryant, there are three key steps to qualify as a candidate. First, there is an application that must be filled out. The application typically consists of basic information about yourself, why you want to be an RA, what you plan to stay involved in if given the position and a creative piece (song/picture/video/etc.) on the position. Each applicant must also sign up for a group process and individual interview. The group process is able to showcase how someone works with others in three different activities. The individual interview is with a member of the professional staff and a current RA. Here, the applicant is able to showcase in person who he/she is, what he/she can offer to the staff, and what his/her thoughts are in different areas.

Being on the other side and getting to be a part of the group process as well as a handful of individual interviews is something that I enjoy. Once that is complete, the candidate waits until the Friday before Spring Break to see if he/she received an offer for a position on the RA staff, is waitlisted, or declined. The progress and decision-making is a rather rigorous one but is all worth it in the end.

This year, we are lucky to have roughly 140 applicants to choose from for new RAs.

Happy selection,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Right around the Corner

February 12th, 2014

Seniors, can you believe that we are down to the two digits in days until graduation? 97 to be exact.

It is crazy to think that just a few weeks ago; I had my last move-in from winter break. I registered at Admissions for my last semester. I had my last undergraduate first day of school. Not too long ago, I went through the last formal recruitment weekend for sororities. This week, it will be my last RA group and individual interview processes to shadow. In no time, it will be my last Spring Break and then last Greek Week to compete in. Next comes the last Spring Weekend and before you know it, the 97 days of being a senior will be over.


However, with every ending, there comes a new beginning and firsts. There will be a first job building up my career path. The first business trip will be in the next year or so. There will be the first apartment that I move into. There is always a first time for everything and for some of those, it requires graduating and leaving the campus that I have called home for the past 3 and a half years.

So here's to us and what we can achieve in our last 3 months here, Bryant University seniors.

Forever 2014,

Katie L. Phung 

Senior Class does the Great Gatsby without DiCaprio

February 12th, 2014

Last night was the second Senior Night for the class of 2014. The venue is not disclosed ahead of the event time but the theme is. For this event, it is based on The Great Gatsby hence "Gatsball".

There will be flapper dresses, boas, feather headbands, suspenders, suits, and bowties seen around the room. Pearl, gold, and black will dominate the room. It is a night where 300 seniors on a first-come, first-serve basis are able to come together for a night of dancing, catching up, and all together having fun. <!–[endif]–>


"I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties, there isn't any privacy." - Scott Fitzgerald

There is final senior night is in March after the Spring Break. After that, it is planning and getting ready for Senior Week. That is a few days before graduation and after the other three classes of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen move out.

Many of the Senior Weeks in the past have consisted of a day at the beach, a club night that is brought to campus, a champagne toast at the President's house, a brunch with the class, and is often concluded by the Senior Ball and graduation.  This year, the committee hopes to change that a little bit and bring a new event or two to the table.

I am excited for it all but am taking one step at a time as the days as a senior draw to a close.

Until next time,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Proud to be Greek

February 4th, 2014

A little over a week ago, it was a long and tiring one for Bryant University sorority girls. I was one of those girls but it was worth the sleep deprivation and lack of healthy meals for the 56 new women who are now members of the Panhellenic community.

Formal recruitment for Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Sigma Sigma began on Friday late afternoon. It is a three-day series of events that all potential new members attend in hopes of being Greek by the end of the weekend.

Friday was theme day. At Alpha Omicron Pi, we did a Great Gatsby one. It was like walking into the Roaring 20s. Everything was black, gold, and pearls. Feathers in hairpieces. Each sorority had their own uniform shirts: one was Sweet Home Delta Zeta while Sigma Sigma Sigma was Disney themed.

Saturday was philanthropy day. I was on the committee for Alpha Omicron Pi for this so it held an especially close place to my heart. Our philanthropy is the Arthritis Foundation so everything had a royal blue/blue color scheme.


Sunday was preference and bid day. All chapters wear black dresses for preference and just like the word says, potential new members are invited back to consider the respective sorority as their "home". Plenty of anticipation built up as we waited to know who each chapter's new members were. Finally, at 7 p.m. on that Sunday, Alpha Omicron Pi welcomed home 19 women.

I am excited to see what the continually growing Greek community will do within this semester and when I come back as an alumna.

Panhel love,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Holiday Spirit is Upon Us

January 7th, 2014

Most of us probably associate the season of winter or snow on the ground with the Holidays. Well, it looks like Bryant University is getting well under way with that this week. The past two days, my morning walk to class has consisted of light snowfall. Today, it actually stuck to the grass and trees which gave the campus this winter wonderland type of feel. For a handful of students, this was the first snowfall they have ever experienced; some complained that it was too cold while others wanted to have enough on the ground to play with.

Every year, there is a Festival of Lights on campus and tomorrow, it will be the 35th annual celebration of this tradition. But, it is especially special this year because the evening ceremony will be the official closing to Bryant University's 150th anniversary.  It is one of my favorite events in the Fall semester because it brings forth the idea of unity through the Christmas tree lighting and the menorah lighting. Members of different communities are represented at the evening ceremony through readings, songs or dance.


Happy Holidays from Bryant to you,

Katie Phung 

Class of 2014

Student Affairs Leader of Tomorrow

November 21st, 2013

This past Sunday, I was able to attend the Student Affairs Leaders of Tomorrow (SALT) Conference with two other Bryant students, Matt Somerville and Michelle Scali. This year, it was held at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, Maine. For of all of those that may not know, that is about four hours from here. SALT is part of the Network of Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA). Bryant University participates in Region 1 of NASPA, other member institutions are Norwalk Community College, Roger Williams University, Worcester State University, UConn and CCSU just to name a handful.


"The mission of the NASPA Region 1 is to provide opportunities for networking and creating professional connections, sharing ideas and innovative practices, and exploring new topics and issues in student affairs."


During my time at Bryant, I have been involved in many different facets of campus from Orientation, Greek Life, Residence Life, Multicultural/International Affairs, and First-Year Experience. Right from the start, one thing that all of the attendees had in common at SALT were their heavy campus involvements. After all, this Conference "is designed to introduce undergraduate students to the field of student affairs" through educational sessions, meeting professionals from NASPA Region 1, attending a graduate program school fair and networking opportunities.


I love student affairs and higher education; both areas are fields that I am interested in pursuing in the future especially after attending this conference. I would highly suggest that anyone with interest in working with college students in their first-year experience, leadership development or student activities, apply to the SALT Conference. I went into it with the hesitation that student affairs and higher education was for me, but more confidence that it is for me.

Be Inspired,

Katie Phung

Class of 2014

Expanding my Horizons

November 13th, 2013

I am always bragging about what I love at Bryant University. Here is one more, the Amica Center for Career Education that I have accessed on many occasions in my four years here. It is true that what you put into your education, you get out of it. Some of the services that the Amica Center offers are resume critiques, workshops, Linked In Labs and company-based information sessions. They host a career fair at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters. To me, all students should take advantage of the opportunities that the Amica Center offers, relevant to his or her field of interest.


Personally, I am interested in either the government sector or HRM after graduation. The Amica Center has been able to offer a few helpful resources this semester to get ahead in my job search.  Career fairs are certainly helpful in getting exposure to different companies and networking with company executives. I attended the career fair at the beginning of the Fall semester but the one that I found to be of greater importance to me was last Thursday at Rhode Island College. Rhode Island College hosted the Government career fair for all area schools. I spoke to Homeland Security/Customs and Border Protection, MA Division of Banks, RI Department of Transportation, Diplomatic Security, and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.  The insight that I gained from professionals in the government sector was my biggest takeaway from this event. I learned how to go about using the USAjobs search engine effectively and what would make me stand out from other applicants.


Another unique program that the Amica Center offers and will be beneficial to my interests is the Winter Break Alumni Shadow program. The Shadow Program has been designed to provide an opportunity for students to explore career options by visiting alumni who volunteer to host students at their work sites during winter break, sometime between December 18 and January 17. The takeaway from this opportunity is to meet one-on-one with a professional Bryant alumnus, get a first-hand look at a career you are interested in, ability to ask candid questions and get insight on how to successfully prepare for a particular job.


I am truly grateful for the resources that are offered at the Amica Center for Career Education at Bryant in addition to what is gained from classroom engagement.

Warm regards,

Katie Phung

Class of 2014

Welcome to the Dawg Pound

November 11th, 2013

If you don't already know, the mascot for Bryant University is the Bulldog. Our school also has a live, almost three-year old English bulldog in addition to the dressed up mascot. Our mascot's name is Tupper named after the Earl Tupper (associated with Tupperware, believe it or not) who donated the land that Bryant currently sits on in Smithfield, Rhode Island.


The big thing on the Bryant bucket list for a typical student is to get a picture with the real-life Tupper, the English bulldog. I can promise he isn't hard to find on campus especially at big events in a stroller pushed by his caretaker, Tina Senecal who also works in University Relations.

This year, Tupper will have a Dawg Pound to support him at the big games. The Dawg Pound is the official student section for Bryant University Athletics dedicated and reserved purposefully for fans that who scream and cheer during the game, those who "bleed" school colors and rarely ever miss a home game. It is something started by students for the students.


For more information or if you are a current student and would like to join, contact Alex Achorn at SportsMarketing@bryant.edu.

Forever a Bulldog,

Katie Phung 

Class of 2014