Katie Phung


Hi everyone and welcome to the Bryant community! I am a senior from Cranston, Rhode Island. I was part of the 2012 Orientation Team, Resident Assistant in the H&M block of the Townhouses, a sister of Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Ambassador, Panhellenic Council treasurer, work at the Office of Planning and Institutional Research, and part of the Senior Class Committee. If you have any questions, about involvements or anything Bryant, feel free to email me and ask. Follow me on Twitter @katiephung2014 for current information about Bryant-related events and daily tips.

It’s Closing Time: Grad Fair

April 24th, 2014

It is crazy to think that in a little less than a month from now, I walk across that graduation stage on what I hope is a beautiful, Spring day. May 17, 2014 always seemed so far away at the start of senior year. But, seniors are down to two weeks of classes and then finals week is right after that. The confirmation about the end of my undergraduate career at Bryant came with last Wednesday's Grad Fair.

At the Grad Fair, the hot commodity was the cap, gown, hood and tassel. In addition to that, there was an area to get study abroad stoles representative of the country that people went to. Senior week events were being promoted and seniors were given the opportunity to pledge a portion of their housing deposit or all of it to go towards the class gift scholarship. Bryant University also represented itself through the Graduate School Program and the Conferences Office had a backdrop with #bryantgrad2014 as well as props for students to use in their pictures.


Nothing sparked my emotions more than the commencement video which ended with the quote from last year's Student Charge addressing his class, "don't forget about Bryant because Bryant will never forget you."  The alumni office asking us to sign up for the emails after graduation made things seem all too real.

Black and gold forever,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Kicking Causes

April 24th, 2014

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in Relay for Life through a unique way. Relay for Life is something that I have participated in since middle school. In conjunction with the annual campus event, Kicking Causes was added to this year's program. So you are probably wondering, what is that? It is a non-profit fundraising and advocacy campaign that allows children, families, and students in philanthropy through the means of martial arts board breaking. The team is responsible for facilitating and executive strategic fundraising which helps raise funds and awareness of key causes. The key cause that was linked between Bryant's Relay for Life and Kicking Causes was primarily cancer. However, other causes that have been used with this fundraiser are bully prevention, leadership training, and scholarship funding. The organization and concept was developed by Andrew Lazouras, a Bryant graduate who obtained his BSBA in Management and a minor in Sociology as well as an MBA.

The fundraiser allows an individual to buy a board at the price of $10 and dedicate it in honor, appreciation, support, or in memory of someone he/she knows. It was my personal fundraising goal to raise $300 or in other words, sell 30 boards because of the short period of time that I had to work with. Kicking Causes and Relay for Life meant so much more to me this year than any other year because cancer hits home. I was able to reach out to the Bryant community and those who I knew outside of campus. Through social media efforts, emails, and personal interactions - I was able to raise $420 (42 boards) by the start of Relay for Life. The first Kicking Causes event collected an impressive $3,055. 80% of that went to the American Cancer Society and the other 20% went to Kicking Causes.


I hope to see this come back to campus in the upcoming year and be involved in it again!

Keep Kicking,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Why do you Derby?

April 24th, 2014

Derby Days is an annual event that Sigma Chi Fraternity hosts every year on campus. Two weeks ago, Bryant University's Lambda Eta chapter hosted their fourth annual Derby Days. It is a philanthropic event that is nationally recognized by Sigma Chi chapters across the nation and in Canada. This year, I have had the pleasure of being the Sigma Chi Sweetheart and the first female representation on the planning committee for Derby Days. We decided that the theme was nautical and that there would be two leagues based on Sigma Chi's official colors, gold and blue. Gold is the competitive league that must participate in all events and blue is the league allows participants to choose what events they want to be part of or have time for. Teams must consist of 5-7 females who compete in a week of events whose monetary contributions go towards the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Sigma Chi's national philanthropy.


The benefit of participating for the winning gold league is 40% and for the winning blue league is 10% of the total amount collected over the week towards their philanthropy of choice respectively. Some of the events during Derby Days that allowed for the female teams to get to know brothers were Sign-a-Sig, pictures with brothers, banner contest, and a yacht showcase. It was nice to see teams enjoy themselves throughout the week. As a part of the planning committee, I was not able to participate in Derby Days this year sadly.

However, it was neat to see how things functioned from the logistical and operational side. The enthusiasm of the fourteen teams, eight of which were part of the gold league and the other six as a part of the blue league was high all week especially when it came down to coin wars or online donations. My favorite part of the week that resonated was hearing why each individual Derby'ed. For me, it was for a cure and for my Dad. As much as there was competition throughout the week between the teams, it was all for a philanthropic cause.

At the end of the week, the winning gold league team was Shark Bait and the winning blue league team was America. This year, a title of Derby Darling was also added which represents an outstanding female who contributed to the week in sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and participation. This year's Derby Darling was Jenna Visgatis.

Thank you to everyone who participated or sponsored the fourth annual Derby Days at Bryant University.

Derby for a Cure,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Where in the world is Flat Tupper?

April 24th, 2014

Flat Tupper finds himself in the place where students come together in between classes to talk to their friends and wait for their next class period to begin. He is in a location where organizations promote their upcoming events on the media walls, through takeaways, have ticket sales, or have open registration. It is here that students or Flat Tupper can visit tables where organizations come to promote themselves whether it is a non-profit that can be used for the principles of management class or a corporate company looking for interns. He can get a snack, coffee, or pre-made meal at Café A-la-carte then sit at the couch in this location to enjoy it. The best part about this spot on Bryant's campus is how it is the centermost part of the academic building. So where in the world is Flat Tupper? He is in the Rotunda. That is the proper name for it but as a Bryant student or member of the community, it is better known as the Roto.


Ruff ruff,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Whatever the letters, Greeks do it better

April 24th, 2014

That was the slogan on the back of our Greek Week shirts this year.

Three weeks ago, March 30 to April 6, Greeks united in a week of friendly competition between chapters of the Bryant community. Fraternity chapters: Sigma Chi, Delta Chi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau, and Delta Kappa Epsilon and sorority chapters: Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Zeta, and Sigma Sigma Sigma were the competing chapters but between their respective councils. The mission of this year's Greek Week was to promote camaraderie between fraternities and sororities through unifying events and activities. In addition, it was a time to celebrate the founding values of all Greek Letter organizations: leadership, service, scholarship and friendship to come together as a community and to celebrate being Greek.


Greek Week always starts on Sunday night with the traditional lip sync. This year's judges were Stephanie Shepard and Richie Portfolio, both Hall 1 Resident Assistants who are in charge of Greek sophomores and juniors living there. Delaney Carr, the middle village head Resident Assistant and Adam McGarry, Executive Vice President of Student Senate.

Monday was the traditional Greek Olympics. This year due to rain, it was brought inside to the MAC and events consisted of tug-of-war, three-legged race, egg and spoon race, and human pyramid. Tuesday was a new event, Spelling Bee. Wednesday's Greek Week event was my personal favorite, Volleyball tournament. Maybe, it is just me being bias because I have participated in it since I have been Greek. Thursday was the photo competition. Friday of Greek Week is always Relay for Life which brings together all of the chapters for a common cause. Saturday was the last day of competition where the fraternities compete in basketball and sororities compete in soccer. Greek Week ends on Sunday with a banquet that celebrates the winning fraternity and sorority.


This year's winning fraternity was Delta Chi and sorority was Delta Zeta.

Fraternally yours,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

TEAL We Find a Cure

March 7th, 2014


This past Friday, Alpha Omicron Pi and the Bryant community helped to honor the late passing of one of my sister's late mother and the battle that she lost to Scleroderma, a rare disease. It was a beautiful to see the community come together and honor her mother and awareness of Scleroderma. Not only were Greek members present, but only friends of sisters and parents. President Machtley, Kati Machtley, faculty members, and staff also made it to the event.

That night, a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in Papitto was the event that helped to honor such a good cause and memory of such an amazing woman with an even stronger daughter, Vic Frazier. The room was adorned with black tablecloths and teal centerpieces. People who attended also had a chance at entering into raffles for such great prizes and gift baskets which also added to the proceeds for the Scleroderma Foundation. A photo booth was also there for attendees to take pictures at.


Vic proudly told the community today that over $2,000 was raised as a result of this event. That is quite amazing and an accomplishment for all those who were involved with the planning, fundraising, donating, and have a personal connection with it.

Fighting for Scleroderma TEAL We Find a Cure,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Weathering the Storm for Bryant

March 7th, 2014

In the past two weeks, Bryant University Office of Admission in conjunction with the Student Ambassadors program hosted Ladies Night. It is an overnight event for senior female, high-school prospective students. They are typically in mid to late-February every year. These students are able to meet a few of the departments on Bryant's campus like the Women's Center, the Academic Center of Excellence, and hear from a professor. Each young woman is hosted by a female Student Ambassador. Not only does the student get to shadow her for the day but also gets to have a meal in our dining hall, Salmanson and get to meet members of our Bryant community.


When the most impressive thing about the first Ladies Night was how families endured the snowstorm and the terrible road conditions to come to see Bryant University. But, truth is, any student that loves Bryant as much as I do will say that weathering that storm was worth it especially if any of those students had the same case as me.

For me, Ladies Night was just one of three factors that made me choose Bryant University as the school that I would spend my four undergraduate years at. I still remember who hosted me and the other high school seniors that I met that night. Three of the four of us ended up at Bryant including myself. If you asked me, what about it about Ladies Night helped me decide? Honestly, it was the conversations that I had with the Student Ambassadors that did it for me.

I left all smiles from that overnight and have been able to witness a few years of smile pass by me on Ladies Night then come back that following fall. Bryant is a place that is worth weathering any storm for.

Through rain or shine,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Disney’s newest edition: RA story

February 16th, 2014

Every year, applications for the Resident Assistant (RA) position go out a couple weeks prior to the winter break and after Thanksgiving. This year, the theme is RA Story based on the movie, Toy Story.

To become a Resident Assistant at Bryant, there are three key steps to qualify as a candidate. First, there is an application that must be filled out. The application typically consists of basic information about yourself, why you want to be an RA, what you plan to stay involved in if given the position and a creative piece (song/picture/video/etc.) on the position. Each applicant must also sign up for a group process and individual interview. The group process is able to showcase how someone works with others in three different activities. The individual interview is with a member of the professional staff and a current RA. Here, the applicant is able to showcase in person who he/she is, what he/she can offer to the staff, and what his/her thoughts are in different areas.

Being on the other side and getting to be a part of the group process as well as a handful of individual interviews is something that I enjoy. Once that is complete, the candidate waits until the Friday before Spring Break to see if he/she received an offer for a position on the RA staff, is waitlisted, or declined. The progress and decision-making is a rather rigorous one but is all worth it in the end.

This year, we are lucky to have roughly 140 applicants to choose from for new RAs.

Happy selection,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014

Right around the Corner

February 12th, 2014

Seniors, can you believe that we are down to the two digits in days until graduation? 97 to be exact.

It is crazy to think that just a few weeks ago; I had my last move-in from winter break. I registered at Admissions for my last semester. I had my last undergraduate first day of school. Not too long ago, I went through the last formal recruitment weekend for sororities. This week, it will be my last RA group and individual interview processes to shadow. In no time, it will be my last Spring Break and then last Greek Week to compete in. Next comes the last Spring Weekend and before you know it, the 97 days of being a senior will be over.


However, with every ending, there comes a new beginning and firsts. There will be a first job building up my career path. The first business trip will be in the next year or so. There will be the first apartment that I move into. There is always a first time for everything and for some of those, it requires graduating and leaving the campus that I have called home for the past 3 and a half years.

So here's to us and what we can achieve in our last 3 months here, Bryant University seniors.

Forever 2014,

Katie L. Phung 

Senior Class does the Great Gatsby without DiCaprio

February 12th, 2014

Last night was the second Senior Night for the class of 2014. The venue is not disclosed ahead of the event time but the theme is. For this event, it is based on The Great Gatsby hence "Gatsball".

There will be flapper dresses, boas, feather headbands, suspenders, suits, and bowties seen around the room. Pearl, gold, and black will dominate the room. It is a night where 300 seniors on a first-come, first-serve basis are able to come together for a night of dancing, catching up, and all together having fun. <!–[endif]–>


"I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties, there isn't any privacy." - Scott Fitzgerald

There is final senior night is in March after the Spring Break. After that, it is planning and getting ready for Senior Week. That is a few days before graduation and after the other three classes of juniors, sophomores, and freshmen move out.

Many of the Senior Weeks in the past have consisted of a day at the beach, a club night that is brought to campus, a champagne toast at the President's house, a brunch with the class, and is often concluded by the Senior Ball and graduation.  This year, the committee hopes to change that a little bit and bring a new event or two to the table.

I am excited for it all but am taking one step at a time as the days as a senior draw to a close.

Until next time,

Katie L. Phung

Class of 2014