Madison Lichtmann

Hi I'm Madison Lichtmann, I am a junior marketing major from New Hampshire. I am currently studying abroad in London, England. Some of my involvements on campus include, Resident Assistant, Staff Coordinator for Orientation, Information Center Employee, Secretary & Fundraiser for Bryant Cheer, and of course student blogger!

History in the making!

April 11th, 2014

Yesterday Bryant Cheer and Dance made history! As both teams took the floor during prelims yesterday we gave it our all, no regrets, we shared the same vision, making it to FINALS. And you know what… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER BRYANT DANCE MADE FINALS & FOR ONLY OUR SECOND TIME EVER BRYANT CHEER ADVANCED TO FINALS, placing top five in our division. FIFTH in our DIVISION of SIXTEEN TEAMS! Our hard work had finally paid off, we made it!

This has been such an amazing season full of growth, learning, coming together and some pretty amazing talent. After competing with only 13 girls last year due to injuries. We are now a team of 20, a family. We came together not only to share a common goal, but because we wanted to show our fellow Bulldogs what we were capable of. Making finals and placing in the top five of our division is HUGE, and we couldn't have done it without the respect, support and encouragement from our coaches, each other, our school and our peers. They've been the driving force in being successful, striving to be better and believing in ourselves!

So today we celebrate, we celebrate overcoming challenges, obstacles and proving to ourselves and the world that we deserve to be performing up on that bandshell! We prove that hard work really does pay off, that coming together as a family and a team is how to achieve greatness. We celebrate how much growth our program has had over the past few years, we push ourselves as hard as we possibly can one last time. We celebrate the hard work, dedication and support our seniors have given us over the past four years. Today is history in the making, we leave it all on the mats, we let our personalities run wild and we give 200%.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, tweeted us, and encouraged over the past few days! We will be tweeting live updates as the day goes on! Follow us with our hashtag #bryantcheerGL

Senior Year Already!?

April 7th, 2014

This morning I registered for my first semester senior year classes, WAIT WHAT! Where did the time go? Last time I checked I had just finished my senior year of high school and was about to embark on my Bryant journey. But even still, sophomore year was just yesterday and my semester abroad was literally what feels like minutes ago, so how in the world can I possibly be registering as a SENIOR. I think it's funny that after talking to all the graduating seniors this year NONE they all share in my feelings of extreme denial that they're leaving in just a few short weeks.

Don't get me wrong it's a positive that Bryant has created such an environment and experience for each one of these students that they are in denial about leaving, but what in the world are we going to do after we step across that stage, & receive our diplomas? I know, we're going to go back down to our townhouses gather our things and leave Bryant FOREVER! It'll will be a day filled with an abundance of emotions. Sad to be leaving, sad that our four years are over, but hopeful and excited for our futures. We will finally be able to put everything to the test. All those lessons, concepts, terms, experiences and uncomfortable situations we endured will be used in the real world!

I think the reason we want to stay here so bad is because we do continually learn, grow, and develop as people, as leaders as friends and young professionals. We are hungry for me, the real world is the ultimate test of our abilities, and lets face it WE'VE NEVER ENJOYED TEST TAKING. But all in all, we will be ready, the four years Bryant has given us have prepared us mentally, physically and emotionally. Change is never a fun thing, especially when we had it so great, but it's part of growing up. I guess I should take my own advice when my time comes next year, but for now I'm going to enjoy the time I have left here at Bryant and take any and every opportunity possible.



March 28th, 2014

When I started cheerleading at Bryant my first year we had a team of about 15 girls who all had varying skill and ability levels, but that didn't stop us from competing. We went down to Daytona, FL to compete in the country wide National Cheerleading Association Competition. How the competition is set up; You compete against other colleges across the country within your division, from there the top scored teams are sent into finals and the bottom half teams compete against each other for a second time for the final spot in finals. Unfortunately our score wasn't high enough to make it straight to finals and we were forced to compete in what the call Challenge Cup for the final spot in finals. We gave it our best effort but didn't qualify for finals. As a sophomore we had a lot of changes and were only able to compete 13 girls, but our skill level was higher. This helped us when we went to Daytona, & we made it to finals for the first time ever! So we were pretty excited when the interest grew this year along with the skill. Currently we have a team of 20 competition girls and 10+ game team girls. The largest team Bryant has ever seen, needless to say we are pretty excited to go down to Daytona this year and compete our routine!

This Sunday for the first time ever the Bryant Cheerleading team is hosting our very own competition! It has been a very exciting process and just proved how much our program has grown in the past few years. We are lucky enough to have the same head coach for the Dance team as well which means the event is even larger than just cheerleading and allows more colleges the opportunity to come compete and exhibitions their Daytona ready routines. This is a great opportunity for us to show the university and our fellow peers exactly what we do! We don't usually have the opportunity to showcase our skills because of NCAA safety rules and regulations which prohibit a lot of skills without mats. This event will allow us to show everyone what we've been working so hard on all season!

This event is also a great opportunity for high school students around the area to come check out college teams in the area that they may be interested in. Basically everyone should come support the Bryant Cheer & Dance team as well as cheer & dance teams in the area.


Flat Tupper Runs on Dunkins!

March 21st, 2014

When you hear "Bryant runs on Dunkins" you better believe it. Dunkin Donut's has been there for me since my first day on campus. I know it sounds cheesy but hear me out. They were there for me when I had 8ams and needed a quick caffeine boost my first semester of classes freshmen year. They were there for me when I didn't have time to go to Salmo (our dining hall). Dunkin's was there for me for all of my firsts as well, my first pre-interview, my first job interview, my first exam, mid-term, and final, pretty much the list goes on.

Some of the more memorable times I've had at Bryant were my summer going into sophomore year. I was on campus as an Orientation leader and had some pretty early mornings for the entire month of June. Dunkin's was open and there for me every step of the way! Coffee, tea, bagels, donut's, you name it, they offered it. It got to the point where I knew the employees on a first name basis and they knew my order. Those little things matter! A complete day changer when you notice people are taking the time to get to know you and remember even the littlest details about your life. It was Dunkin's where I realized I wanted to become an influential and integrated part of campus. It was sitting down at Dunkin's where I was prepped and readied for countless interviews, conversations and stepping stones in my Bryant journey and life. I hope I haven't lost any of you, because looking back on my Bryant experiences almost all of them started or ended with Dunkins.

Before my first football game as a cheerleader my entire team went to Dunkins, it was here where we began to bond, learn about each other and create lasting friendships. It was at Dunkin's that I met with our school's nutritionist and learned I probably should stop going to Dunkin's more than once a day. It was over Dunkin's that I met my professors, professional staff and faculty of Bryant and it is here that I found my niche, my place, myself here at Bryant. Through all of the flavors, location changes, employee and management changes, Dunkin's has always been there for me, through my first, my lasts and my soon to comes and let me tell you I couldn't have done it without them.

So I guess you could say my favorite place on campus is technically Dunkin Donut's but just remember its the people, the experiences and the conversations that I loved most about this place, and I hope you too can find comfort, caffeine and enjoyment in doing the same!

 I suppose this is what Dunkin's means when they ask you to share #mydunkinstory but my story is so much more, and let me tell you it's far from finished!



March 14th, 2014

One of my favorite parts of coming home is being able to relax and search pinterest for anything and everything crafts. I think crafting is one of my favorite past times, I can free my mind of anything and everything school related and create anything I could ever imagine. My craft obsession first started this summer, during Orientation we would do little crafts to de-stress and make something meaningful for each other. The crafting continued throughout the summer. A few friends and I made it a weekly tradition to raid Micheal's and go craft crazy! Each week was a new idea, a new project and an even better outcome. We became crafting pro's. Luckily the crafting didn't stop there.

I was able to create a scrapbook to take with me abroad. I wasn't sure what I wanted to create at first considering the lack of room in my suitcase, but then it hit me! A scrapbook is the perfect size, will highlight all the people and pictures I need to help me though my journey and will be a lot of fun to make! I figured at the end of the trip I would probably have a "few" pictures to add and pages to create, so I left them blank! When I arrived back home I made even more crafts of my journey abroad. Canvas making became my favorite and being able to have all of my pictures, ticket stubs and little things from my travels all in one place was perfect!

Now crafting has become my favorite past time! It's great, I can try new designs, new canvas styles and color combos and create some pretty great things! They also make awesome gifts! I suggest you all check out pinterest's craft section or go to Micheal's and explore the wonderful world of crafting! Get creative everyone!


A little bit of everything - Bryant

March 7th, 2014

It's crunch time. it's almost spring break, you know what that means. Time for midterms, presentations and projects. Not only that but we are gearing up to turn the campus over. We will start to see flowers blooming, THE GRASS, and people will start to stay outside for longer than the walk to classes.  How exciting, that means in a very short time we will be welcoming our new class of Bryant first years into our home!

I hope you all are as excited as I am for your Bryant Journey. Starting with Orientation this summer! There is an amazing group of  17 individuals who I promise will make you feel right where you belong. From there you will enter into our amazing community full of endless opportunities. I remember coming in my freshmen year, anxious and a little scared. It was all new, you have to be independent, find your own way, and then all of sudden I was getting involved, putting myself out there and experiencing everything. Now look at me, I am a second semester junior trying not to think about the fact that I graduate in less than a year and a half. I never believed the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" but it really has.

So take opportunities when you get here, and even before then.  Make sure you meet all 17 of the awesome Orientation Leader, try something new and experience everything under the sun during your Bryant journey. These really are the best four years of your life. SO MAKE THEM COUNT!



March 7th, 2014

You know what I have come to realize? That putting 100% into something you are passionate about is one of the most fulfilling things you can do. I've come to appreciate not always succeeding. Like my parents have always taught me, failure isn't fatal and it helps you to learn and grow. This is the approach I take when it comes to taking a chance, putting myself out there and trying new things. This is my go to when encouraging others to do the same. I mean come on what's the worst that can happen? Maybe you don't get that interview, you don't get the job you always wanted or maybe someone doesn't reciprocate how you feel or think. You know what that is OKAY. You are still here, you're alive and all that means is it wasn't meant to be. It may not feel like it now but trust me with time you will come to understand, maybe you weren't ready or you were meant to be steered in an alternative direction. Things have a funny way of working themselves out. So next time you aren't sure what to do, take a leap of faith and give it a whirl. Much like interviewing for a new position or new opportunity.

Interviewing is never easy, but it's one of things in life that we all must go through, there is no avoiding it so why not understand it, practice it and increase your comfort level with it. I personally get that uneasy nervous feeling anytime I even hear the word interview, but nerves are a good thing, to some extent. Nerves keep you grounded, and the best part is no one can tell if you are nervous or not, it's mostly all in our heads and doesn't outwardly show. Another reason to interview is to practice answering on the spot questions, I promise you these types of situations will present themselves and you have to know what to say or think on your feet pretty quickly, so why not prepare. I always ask myself what's the worst that could happen? I don't get the job? Well then it wasn't meant for me, but at least you can have a conversation with the interviewer about areas you can improve upon, change or challenge yourself with. It's a learning experience, as is everything we do in life. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves so let people critique us, challenge us and make us think about things we may have never even known about ourselves or the people around us.

Bryant is one of those schools that throws opportunities EVERYWHERE, so why not take a chance, take a risk? Learn about yourself, challenge yourself and find your passion. Like I said whats the worst that could happen? You don't get the job? You feel rejected? Maybe a little humiliated? Well GOOD. At least you are feeling something, ask questions, figure out why, do better next time, self reflect and I promise it will all work itself out. Give 100% in everything you do, find your passion and apply yourself to wholeheartedly to everything you do. And remember failure is not fatal, opportunity is knocking, better go answer the door!

Go for it!

February 24th, 2014

I decided to look for an internship in my field of study, I wasn't sure of exactly what I wanted to do but I knew the only way to find out was give it a chance. I was very lucky to not only find an internship in the area that I was interested in but was given the opportunity to work there for the semester. Can you believe it, real world experience already, just yesterday I was a first year student here and now I'm interning for a company!

The company is Big Orange Productions a marketing event staffing agency who works with various clients to staff in store demonstrations and sampling opportunities. I was very excited to work with them and a little nervous as to what to expect in terms of my responsibilities and duties but on my first day they let me start right in! I was doing reporting for company's clients, sending demonstration promo packages and learning the ropes quickly. Being there has definitely helped me grow and learn and I have only been there a few weeks.

I hope as the internship continues I can further my understanding of the event planning and staffing agency and gain some real world experience. I think whether you are sure of the field you wish to enter or not applying for an internship or experiencing the interview process is extremely helpful. It also will is another piece to the puzzle of finding a job after graduation and building your resume!


Home Sweet Home

February 10th, 2014

When I say home sweet home I am talking about being back at Bryant with my bulldog family. Yes I know it sounds cliche but since coming back to Bryant after a semester abroad I have encountered the warmest welcome homes and the typical question "how was your trip" which I haven't exactly found out how to put into words. It really is nice being back, regaining a sense of routine, normalcy and seeing the smiling faces of my peers and friends. When we call ourselves the Bryant/bulldog family and community we genuinely mean it.  Since being back I have noticed some differences, don't worry they are all good, they just show how quickly time is going.

For one thing, our gorgeous new Fisher Student Center. It looks incredible, more space as well as better use of space, comfy couches & chairs, a more inviting atmosphere and of course the food options and placement couldn't be more perfect. Another thing I have noticed since being back is the sense excitement and student pride and involvement with our athletic teams. Even being considered for the Bryant 6th Fan is incredible, but the students, athletes or not have really taken it upon themselves to  boost our rankings and share with the social media community how awesome our school really is. The last change I have noticed was the improvements and amazing feedback, participation and dedication to the first years Bryant IDEA program. For it to only be the second year running this program the accomplishments, energy and attitudes towards it have changed remarkably. As for me I think I have changed throughout my experience as well.

 I appreciate the close knit ties I have with my friends and peers on campus. I have come to appreciate all that our campus has to offer, the opportunities they provide and the leadership and growth that I have been gaining along the way. I truly consider Bryant my second home and can't even imagine where I would be without all the experiences I have had at Bryant. Yesterday marked the end of my official role as an Orientation Leader but it was the perfect way to say goodbye. I was able to provide guidance, insight and comfort to the 40 students who took it upon themselves to transfer into our growing Bryant family. It really solidified my love for my school and gave me a new perspective on my upcoming years at Bryant. I can't wait to see what other changes and new opportunities will come my way, but for now I am just happy to be exactly where I belong.


The Opportunities Are Endless

February 4th, 2014

Looking back at my journey through Bryant these past 2 and half years I can't even begin to explain how many amazing opportunities I have been fortunate to be apart of, and that have changed my life. Coming into Bryant the only thing I was sure of was trying out for the Bryant Cheerleading team. If I did nothing else on campus cheerleading was how I would make new friends, stay in shape and continue to develop and learn new skills and "tricks". After making the team and experiencing all that campus had to offer I wanted to get involved in more, challenge myself and become more integrated in the Bryant Community. This is when I thought back to my first experience at Bryant, freshmen Orientation, my Orientation was amazing, calmed my nerves and made my feel comfortable and confident in my decision to attend Bryant. That's when I decided I wanted to be that person for the first year students. I was fortunate enough to receive the position, the position that I would later find changed my future.

Orientation was the most rewarding position and experience I have ever been a part of. So much so that one year wasn't enough, the growth, leadership and experiences I received from being a part of the program helped to mold my time here at Bryant. I loved Orientation so much that I went on to become the Staff Coordinator the next year. This was a completely different experience and learning opportunity. I learned more about myself, and my team then I ever thought possible. Being able to experience the Orientation program from such a different perspective was truly amazing. Which brings me to another equally rewarding position on campus that I was lucky enough to be a part of.

I was able to apply and receive a resident assistant job on campus. I was placed in one of the freshmen halls and was at an advantage from having met the entire incoming class. I again was able to learn, grown and gain valuable leadership skills. I enjoyed working within my staff, my peers and everyone else involved that I decided to continue as an RA this year. So much has changed since entering Bryant all because the opportunities are endless here. I have grown, learned and experienced more in these 2 and half years than I ever though possible. So I encourage you all to look at Bryant with an open mind and experience everything this place has to offer!