Madison Lichtmann

Hi I'm Madison Lichtmann, I am a senior marketing major from Windham, New Hampshire. I just recently got back from a semester abroad in London, England, where I had the most amazing experience. Some of my other campus involvements, Head Resident Assistant, Center Manager of the Fisher Student Center, President of Bryant Cheer, and of course student blogger! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Banquet Season!

May 4th, 2015

Tis the season for Banquet's on campus! Now you may not know this but Bryant LOVES to put on banquets as a way to celebrate all of our hard work, achievements and recognize those individuals who truly go above and beyond. So when I tell you it's banquet season I mean it, literally almost every club, organization, or leadership opportunity you have had on this campus will hold an end of the year banquet! It may sound like I am complaining, but I 'm not. It's the best time of the year, great food, you get to dress up and share in the celebration of another great year amongst your peers, mentors and teams.

 This year's banquet season meant even more to me than in the past, it became the first of many lasts, and not just a celebration of another amazing year but a celebration of accomplishments, hardships, and memories of the past four years. As I attended my last and final banquet last night, it really started to hit me. I'm in the final stretch, the clock is ticking and my Bryant career is almost over. Which is why this banquet season has been so special. From our last BSAC dinner, to Cheerleading, to OCE, to the RA Banquet, I was able to celebrate with the people who constantly pushed me to be and do better, my biggest supporters, role models, and ultimately all of the amazing people who made me who I am today.

Each and every banquet was special to me for a different reason and made me appreciate everything I have had the opportunity to be a part of even that much more. We often get so caught up in the routine of our lives that we tend to forget how much of an impact these experiences have on a each of us. I am so proud and grateful I was able to be a part of so many great organizations and look forward to continuing my support as a proud alumni!


35 Days Till Graduation

April 19th, 2015

With just 35 short days left until I graduate the place I've called home the past four years, I'd like to share with you all some of the ways in which my Bryant experience has shaped me into the person I am today.

If you had asked me freshmen year if I thought Bryant would completely change me I probably would have laughed in someone's face. Yet here I am, having had some of the most amazing and influential experiences at Bryant. I never would have dreamed of applying to the numerous leadership opportunities Bryant has to offer, because they were totally out of my comfort zone, but I knew at some point I would have to take the plunge and try something completely unfamiliar to my world. This is where it all began.

Being offered these positions essentially saved me, they taught me discipline, time management, responsibility, the importance of helping others, how to grow, learn and eventually lead. It shaped and transformed me into the person I am today, because of them I have learned how to better listen, communicate, confront, show compassion and be more confident in myself and my abilities.

I won't lie balancing these leadership positions, academics, sports and my social life hasn't been the easiest and there were definitely sacrifices that had to be made but I guess that's just one more thing I've learned from Bryant and these experiences, anything worth having never comes easy.

I can honestly say I have made some of my best friends through my shared experiences, have had the opportunity to impact and be impacted by my peers, supervisors, mentors, mentees and so many more, and I will forever cherish the memories and experiences I've had at Bryant University.

Here's to the last 35 days, and making the most of everything!


Cheerleading Nationals for Bryant University

April 14th, 2015

I can't believe I completed my last and final year of cheerleading this past weekend. It has been a whirlwind of an adventure and I can't even begin to explain how transformational and influential this experience has been on my college career. The friends, leadership, discipline, time management, and opportunities I have had over my past four years cheering are truly some of my favorite memories. I was able to watch this program grow and transform into something truly remarkable and am proud to have been a part of something so amazing.

This past weekend was our National Competition down in Daytona, FL. This is the event we have been preparing for since August when we first went to camp at Boston University to receive our bid to be able to attend Nationals.  From here our team experienced many roster changes, practice time changes, and lots of bumps in the road, but hey every time has there things. For us we came out stronger, closer and even more driven to be successful in Daytona. All 20 of us, plus our fearless mascot and two amazing coaches headed down to Daytona this past Tuesday where we competed against the best of the best. 13 teams to be exact in our actual division - we are classified as All Girl Division 1.

How the competition works is on Day 1 (Thursday) You compete against your division in the hopes to place in the top half (1st-7th place). If your overall score is high enough and you manage to place in the top you automatically move on to Day 2 of competing. If not you must compete again later in the day against the bottom half of your division (8-13). If you win the bottom half of your division than you are  for given the last spot in Day 2. This is called challenge cup and is one of hardest and most draining competitions to be involved in, so scoring high enough to make it straight through is very important! (I know from experience, we competed in Challenge Cup and lost my freshmen year - and did not make it to Day 2) But on the bright side the past two years we have made it straight through to Day 2 and this year was no exception! Placing 6th in our Division Day 1 we were guaranteed a spot competing the next day.

On Day 2 you compete against the top half again hoping to win the title of National Champions in your respective division, you also get to do so on the world famous Daytona BandShell! Anything could happen on Day 2 and it was anyone's title to be had, hard work, a flawless execution of your routine and so many other factors play into the judges decision, for us we just wanted to beat our score from the day prior and show the Nation a flawless routine! Lucky for us we came pretty darn close, placing overall 7th in our division, improving our score and our routine! This score is the highest the Bryant Cheer has ever placed at Nationals and is by far the best place we have come in since we first started competing. I could not be more proud of my team. They have become my family and  I am so sad to be leaving, but with that I am so excited to see and follow their progress in the years to come as I know they will continue to improve and place closer and closer to that National Championship Title!

None of which would have been possible without our amazing coach Toni Gravel, who built this program into everything it is today. We'd be nowhere and nothing without her and she deserves all the credit in the world. We are not an easy team to coach but she handled us so well, taught us so much and is truly inspirational.  I will forever be grateful to be a part of a program so driven, dedicated and passionate. Bryant Cheer is destined for greatness, I will forever be a proud Alum.


Sigma Chi Derby Days

April 6th, 2015

Having had some of my best friends be a part of Sigma Chi has given me the opportunity to be a part of some pretty awesome events over the past four years. The brothers of Sigma Chi have been like brothers to me, my support system, my mentors, and my go to people. This year I've had the opportunity to become even more involved in Sigma Chi by becoming their Sweetheart. As Sweetheart I am able to be a female representation of all the great things Sigma Chi stands for, it also allows me the opportunity to become even more involved. With that being said let me tell you about my favorite event, put on every year by these great people.

The event is Derby Days! Derby Days is a week long event put on by the men of Sigma Chi to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Institute. "The Hunstman Cancer Institute is dedicated to finding the causes of cancer, developing new and better treatments, and preventing people from ever developing cancer, they are dedicated to finding better and safer solutions." The event takes place on campus and is a great way for sororities, females and dedicated individuals to get involved. Teams compete against each other in daily events ranging from rock climbing to talent shows. The events are designed to create a fun, yet competitive atmosphere with one goal in mind, raise as much money as possible to support those in need.

 Over my time here at Bryant I have had the opportunity to be apart of Derby Days for three years, this year being my last. The event allows you the opportunity to meet, connect with and work together with various different groups and individuals that you may otherwise have never met! Monday is the Derby Days kickoff, so I hope you all follow along and think about donating / supporting the teams competing for a cause! I can't wait to see how much the brother's raise again this year!

Derby Days 2013

Alumni Networking

March 30th, 2015

Although I was not able to attend the alumni networking event that took place all day on campus  I heard such incredible feedback on it. This year especially I have come to learn just how valuable and helpful our Bryant University alumni really are. Whether they graduated a year ago, or 20 years ago each and every one of them are willing to help out the current students with anything and everything; job searching, internships, industry help, career advice or simply to brainstorm ideas.

I think this just goes to show the type of community and environment that Bryant offer's their students. At our monthly Bryant Senior Advisory Council this week we had to opportunity to listen as Bryant Alumni speak to us about their time at Bryant, saying it was the best four years of their lives. This speaks volumes considering one of the alumni speaking to us was over 60 years old now! Another quote that stood out to me that night, as I prepare to graduate was, "you may be an undergrad now but you will forever be a bulldog, an alumni and Bryant will always be your home away from home."

I know this will hold true for the rest of my life considering how transformational my Bryant experience was, it shaped me into the person  I am today. I think this just goes to show we as undergrads don't fully understand, or give our Alumni enough credit for all that they continue to do for our University. They inspire students everyday and are an asset to our growing community. I encourage you all to keep in contact and reach out to our Bryant Alumni for whatever it may be. Each and every one of them has a unique story, a different career path and genuinely want to help out and give back to the place they love. I look forward to becoming an Alumni and hope to be as inspirational and helpful to our community as those before me!

Bryant University Alumni Association

How to Stay Healthy!

March 23rd, 2015

I know coming into college as a freshmen I was terrified of this so called "freshmen 15″ that everyone had always told me about, but have no fear as long as you stay active, get involved and try to eat a well balanced meal you will be more than fine! Bryant has so many different resources available to students to stay healthy, active and in control of their bodies, minds and.. well everything! Staying healthy doesn't just mean exercising and eating right, it means getting a good nights rest, not spreading yourself to thin, taking time for yourself and controlling your stress levels.

1. Bryant has a beautiful athletic center in which there is a gym, racquet ball rooms, a group exercise room (where multiple group classes are held a week), and two gyms used for recreational, intramural, club sports and Division 1 sporting activities.

2. Bryant offers YOGA! Don't laugh, yoga is a way to relax from your every day stressors, it's helps you clear your mind, stretch and stay active and in shape. The benefits are endless and the classes are offered throughout the week!

3. We have a nutritionist on campus - she is very involved at Bryant and more than willing to help students. She will take you on tours of the dining options, put on healthy lifestyle programs and give you all the information you need to eat your best!

4. Counseling services is a great place to go when you need to let off some steam, talk it out and recollect. A unbiased listening ear is sometimes the best medicine for you! The staff here is awesome and always go above and beyond for their students.

5. Finally Health Services, they put on numerous programs and events through out the year helping students stay healthy, active and in shape, but they can also treat and help sick students. They are one of the most friendly staff's on campus and always put your well-being first.

I hope that helps put everything into perspective for you, and gives you a bit of insight into maintaining a healthy lifestyle at Bryant!


Bryant Club Sports

February 28th, 2015

It has been such an amazing experience being a part of Bryant Club sports over the past four years. The amount of positive change within the entire club sports program has been truly admirable and has opened the door to endless opportunities for students at Bryant. Under the supervision of Nick Schleicher club sports have seen the most support, guidance and success. He helped to turn the entire club sports program around and put it back in the hands of students.

One thing that I find truly unique is the opportunity students have to get involved in E-board or executive board positions within your own club sport as well as a council created complied of representatives from every club sport on campus. This is an opportunity most athletes don't see given the nature of the team and the sport they are playing. Being able to run for e-board and help to make and create positive changes amongst your own team is leadership, management, and trust you aren't going to find anywhere else. Being a part of cheerleadings e-board for the past three years has definitely opened my eyes and made me become a better leader, role model and advocate for my team, sport and club sports in general.

With that being said within club sports, Bryant Cheerleading has come a long way as well. Over my past four years at Bryant I have been a part of a program that has grown, transformed, and become something truly remarkable. We have become a family, a group of athletes dedicated to the sport, and to constantly pushing each other and ourselves to do and be better both on and off the mats. Some of the cheerleaders have turned out to be my best friends at Bryant and I wouldn't change my experience for the world. With that being said I honestly encourage everyone to look into the amazing club sports and team opportunities Bryant has to offer. You may find your true passion, your next best friend, a leadership position that will change the way you see the world, or a program that is worth your dedication and attention.

 If you'd like to learn more about club sports you can visit or visit the recreation tab!


Becoming a Social Media Expert

February 14th, 2015

Right now I am in this brand new course called Digital Marketing. It is the first semester that the course has been offered and Dr. Attaran is the professor! What is really unique about the course is it's taught by her and through an online certification site called HootSuite. We get weekly articles to read, interactive activities that make us actually use the social media sites, along with step by step videos that explain how that social media platform works and are best used. Each week we have a new assignment or projects to work on which allow us to put our recently learned material and topics to good use.

How we do this is by working with real life clients. We are all paired into groups in which we have chosen a company and or client that may be in need of social media help. For the entire semester class we are granted full access to these company's social media platforms and have the ability to create and generate our own content for them, as well as add additional social media platforms as we see fit. This is unlike any class offered here at Bryant and will definitely set the students apart when they enter the real world.

I'm sure you are all wondering what Hootsuite is as well! Hootsuite is a cool site that allows you to link all of your social media platforms together and post media and content on a schedule. Meaning I could come up with a tweet right now, write it up on HootSuite and have it tweeted out a week from today at say 8pm. This feature allows you to write up as much content as you would like but not have it all sent out at the same time and clutter up everyone's feed. Hootsuite's features also include content help, suggestions and so much more. This is also the site that will be providing us with exams and workbooks in order to gain our certification!

The class also teaches you how to brand yourself on social media. Dr. Attaran has done an excellent job doing this personally so her advice, expertise and recommendations are so beneficial to the class and individuals within it. She has us think outside the box, self reflect and understand how or why we are utilizing the content and platforms we are. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in the past month, and I can't wait to continue learning and branding myself and my client throughout this class! I know this skills will benefit me and open the door to endless opportunities in the social media world!hs_wp_screenshot.png

Costa Rica!

February 9th, 2015

Over winter break I had the opportunity to embark on a unique journey. I enrolled in a class through Bryant that allowed students the opportunity to learn about sustaniability marketing in an entirely different way. Our class consisted of traveling to Costa Rica, one of the top five most sustainable country's in the world. 20 Students and 2 Professors journeyed through the beautiful country as we experienced and gained an entirely new perspective about the world around us. We stayed in four different hotels, four different areas of the country and learned about the culture and environemnt around us.

Our first stop was San Jose. Here we went to Coffee Plantations and learned all about the process of coffee being made, roasted, processed, packaged and sold. Something I was very interested in learning about considering my coffee addiction. (Fun fact, coffee beans come from the cherry plant) From there we went on a Fruit Tour Hike! All of were able to try all of the local grown fruits, most of which had a sour or very odd taste, and from there we were able to hike all the way up the mountain in which the fruit actually grew! Our guide was a pro, wearing jeans, a long sleeve button down and loafers made it to the top before any of us, who by the way were wearing gym clothes and sneakers.

 Our next stop was Arenal, this is where the VOLCANO is located. Here we got to go on a local fruit / vegetable tour. Where we again learned how they were doing their part in being sustainable. We got to try all the different tasting foods, as well as help to cut down some dead trees, and make some juices! From here we traveled quite a bit to our next stop in Torteguero. THE RAIN FOREST!

 We had to take a canal boat just to get to the island, here was a place unlike any other we'd seen. Everything was outdoor, anywhere you wanted to get to was by foot, bike or boat. There were no cars! There was also a beach on the back side of our hotel. The sand was a dark brown color, almost clay like, that sparkled in the sun. It was gorgeous, unfortunatley though because it was the rainforest that night, and until we left it down poured. Don't worry though, it doesn't stop the locals, we still went on a OPEN ROOF canal boat tour of the rainforest. Most of the animals were hiding in shelter but we got to see the ocassional lizard or sloth. In Torteguero we also had the chance to go zip lining through the forests, and yes there were monkeys swinging from trees!

Our last stop was Sarapiqui, here we got to learn about and visit another coffee plantation, banana farm, and chocolate plantation! Obviously we got samples of all, and yes you guessed it the chocolate was my favorite! But surprinsgly enough, I didn't enjoy the taste of chocolate until sugar and cinnanmon were added and it was in its creamy liquid form! Here we also got to go white water rafting, another first of mine. We all had a blast and for the most part stayed in our rafts, which was an accomplishment in itself.

 Now I know I told you all about the fun things we did but we really did learn so much and this trip had a huge impact on our perspective and apprecaition for our environemnt. We are more than excited to continue to share our trip, the resources, tips and tricks on how to be sustaniable and keep our environment in tact. Our hope is to eventually change the culture on campus and get everyone to be as sustainable and educated as possible!

To hear more about our trip and continue to learn about sustainability follow us on twitter @BRYANTMKT412 and on our blog


15 Days of Bryant

December 5th, 2014

To get in the Holiday spirit I decided to do my own take on the 25 Days of Christmas Countdown, by doing the 15 Days of Bryant. I think it's important for everyone to be aware of all of the great events and opportunities Bryant gives students within their four years, so I hope you find this informative and exciting. Now I apologize if I leave anything out but here's my list of the top 15 days you should all be aware of and attend at Bryant! Trust me the list could go on and on, there's always something new and exciting going on around campus. The hope is you too will one day experience these 15 days, along with many many more.

 1. Organization Fair -happens in September is a campus wide event featuring a majority of the 100+ clubs and org's Bryant offers

2.  Homecoming/Alumni Weekend - weekend full of fun activities, events, food and friends. It's nice to see all of the alumni come back and show their continuous love and support for Bryant.

3. Opening Weekend / Big B - another weekend filled with games, events, shows, food and friends, put on by our very on Student Programming Board!

4. Amica's Career Fair events - they happen twice a year and are the perfect way for students to network, learn more about their field of study and potentially land an interview

5. Bryant @ Nite events - every Friday and Saturday Night they provide alternative programs opportunities for students looking to do something new and different!

6. Global Community Hour - a fun event where students and faculty can talk about their culture and share their experiences and favorite meals with the rest of the community

7. Bryant Football Game - our football team has worked incredibly hard to get to the point there at now, supporting them and watching them play in the Fall is always a fun experience

8. Midnight Madness - an event where all of the winter athletic teams can perform and introduce themselves, a night filled with school spirit and excitement

9. Her Campus Pumpkin Painting - Her Campus is an awesome group on campus that writes articles, blogs and keeps campus informed, they do a pumpkin painting event every October that always has a great turnout.

10. i2i - is a cultural dance show put on by the International Student Organization

11. Extravaganza - is the biggest fashion show at Bryant, hosted by the Multi cultural student union

12. Salmo Thanksgiving Dinner - Thanksgiving dinner in Salmo is a campus favorite for students, turkey, stuffing, gravy, they have it all!

13. Late Night Breakfast - during the stressful finals period Student Senate will host Late Night Breakfast in Salmo to help de-stress and fuel you for your late nights.

14.  Festival of Lights - Every year during the holiday season the entire campus comes together to celebrate the holidays and everyone's unique traditions. There are events going on all day and the last event is a candle lighting in the roto!

15.  Spring Weekend - One of the last weekends in April where there's outdoor events, games, a concert performed by a well known artist and so much food. It's one of my favorite weekends at Bryant and a great end to Spring Semester.