H1N1 Flu update October 29,2009

October 29th, 2009

     This is to report that in the last few days across all college campuses in our area there has been an increase in H1N1 activity. Here at Bryant the cases have been spread out sporadically in the various residence halls and among our commuters. There is not a specific area more then others that have been hit. The recent news of serious cases in the surrounding community should prompt us all to be more vigilant of our hygiene and prevention methods. A reminder to all to report illness to Health Services so we know that you are ill. (401-232-6220). If you do have flu like symptoms and are getting worse, having trouble breathing, fever extending longer than 24-48 hours, you need to call for help. If you have started to feel better then start to feel ill again, this is another important time to get help. It is your social responsibility to not be around others when you are ill. You must help prevent the spread by not going to class, even if you have an important presentation or exam, and not go to the dining hall or social events if you have flu like symptoms.

     The H1N1 flu mist vaccine is expected on college campuses the last week in November, the first week of December. (Most likely now the first week of December) As soon as this can be confirmed we will notify you all. This vaccine is not for those considered at high risk due to health problems. You know who you are, please contact your specialist for flu vaccine information and availability to you. We will be getting some injectable vaccine but are unsure how soon that will be.

     The Rhode Island Department of Health and CDC are not recommending closure of schools at this time. This would not help the spread of disease because the well, perhaps just coming down with H1N1, would then be spreading it throughout other areas.

     The Rhode Island Department of Health will issue a written statement shortly and I will pass this onto you.