H1N1 Flu Update October 21, 2009

October 21st, 2009

     We have been impressed by the social responsibility you all have been showing when you haven't felt well. You are self-isolating in your room preventing others from getting ill as well as protecting yourself from picking up other illnesses because your resistance is low now. Most of you have been calling Health Services to let us know that you are ill so that we can make sure you have what you need. Those who are able to go home are doing so.  You are remembering to email your professors that you are truthfully ill and should not be in class. We will continue this prosess as long as you continue to be reponsible with this.  We appreciate the preventative measures that you have been taking to keep yourself well. The comments you have made tell us you are reading the web site.

     Those who have become ill have thus far recovered quickly.  We do continue to see flu activity on campus as well as other viruses and colds.  Health Services continues to have daily contact with the Department of Health and CDC.

     We are awaiting the H1N1 vaccine clinics..  The dates will be set by the State. When this is announced it will be a short notice. We therefore ask you to continually check the website for updates. When it is announced you will be asked to register on line. There will be no walk ins accepted because the company that will come in to do this will only have that many vaccines released to them at a time. There will be no cost to you. If you have BC/BS of RI or BC/BS PPO, United Health or state insurance you will be asked to provide that information on line so they can bill the insurance company. All others need not to worry.

     The vaccine will be a live Flu mist vaccine (not the injectable one) for all college age students under 25 years of age. The CDC has stated that the flu mist is safe.  You will be asked to stay for about 15 minutes after it is administered because it is the first time you are receiving this.

EXCEPTION: High risk students cannot receive this vaccine.

     Asthmatics on medication, Immunocompromised, Insulin Dependent Diabetics, or any other condition that your doctor has told you made you a high risk category patient.  These students should contact their Specialist for recommendations on where to get the injectable vaccine. We have applied for these doses but the sooner you can get it the better. Other states are handling the timeline distribution differently.

     You are all doing a great job. We will keep you updated. Any questions at all please call.