Health Services Excuse Policy

March 19th, 2013

Health Services does not provide excuses for illness or visits to Health Services that may have led to missed classes or exams. This policy resembles those of most Universities and is consistent with the recommendations of the American College Health Association, CDC and Rhode Island Department of Health. Health Services will recommend to students to contact their professors if they are ill and unable to attend class, complete assignments, or take an exam. It is the student's responsibility to communicate directly and proactively with faculty of conditions that interfere with these processes. This policy reflects our respect for our students' medical privacy and our educational mission to help our students become independent stewards of their own health care. There are many patient confidentiality laws that must be observed. Requiring a written excuse from Health Services causes students who would not normally be in Health Services to be exposed to more infectious diseases. Requiring a note also makes students more likely to go to class when they are ill and thus exposing others creating a public health issue. When you are sick you should stay home in order to limit the transmission of illnesses around campus. Health Services' duty is to provide direct medical care to students which is critical to their health and well being.